How To Keep Termites Out

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Dealing with pesky pests is enough to ruin just about anybody’s day and having to share a home with uninvited guests is surely enough to ruin a lifetime. Therefore, as they say prevention is the best medicine, you should most definitely try to prevent termites from approaching your home and luckily we have a couple of useful tips for you how to achieve this and keep your lovely Los Angeles home completely to yourself and not having to worry or share it with annoying termites.

  1. Start from the Beginning

If you are in such a position to supervise the construction of your lovely home – lucky you! That is great, as it will come to you as a huge bonus when having to deal with termites. You will know everything there is to know about your home and you will immediately recognize the places which might be dangerous or pose a lovely nest for pests. Also, if you are in such a position you should keep the soil around the foundation dry through proper grading and drainage, since this will reduce the likelihood of your home getting infested with termites. Also, you should pay attention and keep maintenance of gutters and downspouts, if you would like to keep your home free from termites like a pro like a termite control Los Angeles do.

  1. Fill In The Cracks

We all know that creepy crawlies find their ways in, even when we would prefer thbona-gapmaster-usingem to keep out. But in order to keep them out of your home you should devote some time to finding places they can use as a gateway to your home and prevent them from coming in. Therefore, it would be highly advisable for you to reduce any openings you may find that would provide an ideal access for termites to the structures of your home and fill any cracks in foundation with cement, grout, or caulk. Also don’t forget to fill in the cracks around utilities.

  1. Fix It

Fixing leaks around the house immediately will prevent termites as well as other pests from infesting your lovely home. In order to stay on top of things, you should probably inspect your home for any leakage or unknown problems from top to bottom and devote some time to fixing it on time.

  1. Check Vents

Keeping vents free from blockage will help you tremendously in keeping termites from your Los Angeles home. This also goes for plants – if any plant is blocking your vent it should be removed, as vents cannot serve their purpose when they are blocked.

  1. Don’t Pile Wood

wood-pile-time-lapseWhile you might feel safer piling wood for “just in case”, think again. It is the wood surfaces and debris which look like an invitation to termites and make them an ideal and perfect home. Therefore, before you start piling firewood or wood debris near your home think of the probability of having to deal with some uninvited guests, too.

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